The New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 7

S. Woodall, 1851

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Page 114 - On motion, the report was accepted and referred to the committee on publication, the accompanying resolution being laid on the table.
Page 663 - And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.
Page 273 - MD, Professor of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children in the University of Pennsylvania, &c.
Page 141 - THE SAME AUTHOR. ESSAYS ON THE PUERPERAL FEVER, AND OTHER DISEASES PECULIAR TO "WOMEN. Selected from the writings of British Authors previous to the close of the Eighteenth Century. In one neat octavo volume, extra cloth, of about 450 pages.
Page 702 - The effect of such a superstition — a firm belief that he is poisoned or conjured — upon the patient's mind, already in a morbid state and his health affected from hard usage, over-tasking or exposure, want of wholesome food, good clothing, warm, comfortable lodging, with the distressing idea...
Page 706 - Thus, they break, waste and. destroy every thing they handle — abuse horses and cattle — tear, burn or rend their own clothing, and, paying no attention to the rights of property, steal others, to replace what they have destroyed. They wander about at night, and keep in a half nodding sleep during the day. They slight their work — cut up corn, cane, cotton or tobacco when hoeing it, as if for pure mischief. They raise disturbances with their overseers and fallow-servants without cause or motive,...
Page 341 - ... To obtain an estimate of the length of tube of the perspiratory system of the whole surface of the body, I think that 2800 might be taken as a fair average of the number of pores in the square inch, and 700 consequently, of the number of inches in length. Now, THE NUMBER OF SQUARE INCHES OF SURFACE IN A MAN OF ORDINARY HEIGHT AND BULK, IS 2500...
Page 707 - When driven to labor by the compulsive power of the white man, he performs the task assigned to him in a headlong, careless manner, treading down with his feet or cutting with his hoe the plants he is put to cultivate — breaking the tools he works with, and spoiling everything he touches that can be injured by careless handling. Hence the overseers call it ' rascality,' supposing that the mischief is intentionally done.
Page 706 - They slight their work — cut up corn, cane, cotton, and tobacco, when hoeing it, as if for pure mischief. They raise disturbances with their overseers, and among their fellowservants, without cause or motive, and seem to be insensible to pain when subjected to punishment.
Page 108 - Resolved, That this Convention earnestly recommends to the members of the medical profession throughout the United States, to satisfy themselves, either by personal inquiry or written certificate of competent persons, before receiving young men into their offices as students, that they are of good moral character, and that they have acquired a good English education, a knowledge of natural philosophy, and the elementary...

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