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Page 289 - A rich pomegranate gemm'd her crown, A ripe sheaf bound her zone. But howling Winter fled afar, To hills that prop the polar star, And loves on deer-borne car to ride, With barren Darkness by his side, Round the shore where loud Lofoden Whirls to death the roaring...
Page 469 - That from beneath the seat of Jove doth spring ; Begin, and somewhat loudly sweep the string. Hence with denial vain, and coy excuse ; So may some gentle Muse With lucky words favour my destined urn ; And as he passes turn, And bid fair peace be to my sable shroud.
Page 308 - Where the hunter of deer and the warrior trode To his hills that encircle the sea. Yet wandering, I found on my ruinous walk, By the dial-stone aged and green, One rose of the wilderness left on its stalk, To mark where a garden had been. Like a brotherless hermit, the last of its race, All wild in the silence of nature, it drew, From each wandering sun-beam, a lonely embrace For the night-weed and thorn overshadow'd the place, Where the flower of my forefathers grew.
Page 288 - WHEN first the fiery-mantled Sun His heavenly race began to run, Round the earth and ocean blue His children four the Seasons flew. First, in green apparel dancing, The young Spring smiled with...
Page 289 - Darkness by his side, Round the shore where loud Lofoden Whirls to death the roaring whale, Round the hall where Runic Odin Howls his war-song to the gale ; Save when adown the ravaged globe He travels on his native storm, Deflowering Nature's grassy robe, And trampling on her faded form...
Page 289 - Oh, sire of storms! whose savage ear The Lapland drum delights to hear, When Frenzy with her blood-shot eye Implores thy dreadful deity — Archangel! Power of desolation! Fast descending as thou art, Say, hath mortal invocation Spells to touch thy stony heart?
Page 335 - O ! sacred to the fall of day Queen of propitious stars, appear, And early rise, and long delay, When Caroline herself is here! Shine on her chosen green resort Whose trees the sunward summit crown, And wanton flowers, that well may court An angel's feet to tread them down...
Page 225 - To Lucasta, Going Beyond the Seas IF to be absent were to be Away from thee; Or that when I am gone You or I were alone ; Then, my Lucasta, might I crave Pity from blustering wind, or swallowing wave.
Page 54 - Twas the Herald of the Tomb, And the HERO felt the call — Felt — and raised his arm on high ; Victory well the signal knew, Darted from his awful eye, And the force of FRANCE o'erthrew.
Page 409 - Why, Damon, with the forward day Dost thou thy little spot survey, From tree to tree, with doubtful cheer, Pursue the progress of the year, What winds arise, what rains descend, When thou before that year...

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