Buffalo Medical Journal and Monthly Review of Medical and Surgical Science, Volume 6


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Page 252 - MD A universal Formulary: Containing the methods of preparing and administering officinal and other medicines. The whole adapted to Physicians and Pharmaceutists. By R. EGLESFELD GRIFFITH, MD,
Page 382 - Materia Medica and Therapeutics: with Ample Illustrations of Practice in all the Departments of Medical Science, and very copious notices of Toxicology, suited to the wants of Medical Students and Practitioners. By THOMAS D. MITCHELL, AM, MD, Prof, of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in the Philadelphia College of Medicine,
Page 598 - and close and over crowded dwellings, prevail amongst the population in every part of the kingdom, whether dwelling in separate houses, in rural villages, in small towns, or in the large towns, as they have been found to prevail in the lowest district of the metropolis.
Page 632 - in the affirmative. The two females were then seated upon two chairs placed near together, their heels resting on cushions, their lower limbs extended, with the toes elevated and the feet separated from each other. The object in this experiment was to secure a position in which the
Page 595 - We believe that the conditions of perfect health, either public or personal, are seldom or never attained, though attainable ;—that the average length of human life may be very much extended, and its physical power
Page 632 - of the knee joint should be made tense, and no opportunity offered to make pressure with the foot. We were pretty well satisfied that the displacement of the bones requisite for the sounds could not be effected unless a fulcrum were obtained by resting one foot upon the other, or on some resisting body. The company, seated in a
Page 442 - labor as it can be legitimately called upon to perform, and its power of resisting the extremes of Heat and Cold, as well as other depressing agencies, are not augmented by the use of alcoholic liquors ; but that, on the other hand, their use, under such circumstances, tends positively to the impairment of that capacity.
Page 667 - in its full and highest meaning) been told them or done for them ; in the one case sight and action were immediate, exact, intense, and secure ; in the other, mediate, feeble, and lost as soon as gained. But what are '•brains?
Page 190 - A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Midwifery, including the diseases of pregnancy and parturition. By P. Cazeaux, adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine
Page 172 - 4. In Materia Medica there are some thousands of substances and their compounds, which possess what is called a medicinal power. Yet it is not probable that any physician effectively reads the one half, or remembers one quarter, or employs in his yearly practice one tenth, of the contents of the common dispensatories.

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