The History of Napoleon Buonaparte, Volume 5

J. & J. Harper, 1843

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Page 271 - The powers consequently declare, that Napoleon Buonaparte has placed himself without the pale of civil and social relations, and that as an enemy and disturber of the tranquillity of the world, he has rendered himself liable to public vengeance.
Page 327 - Now making monarchs" necks thy footstool, now More than thy meanest soldier taught to yield : An empire thou couldst crush, command, rebuild, But govern not thy pettiest passion, nor, However deeply in men's spirits...
Page 320 - If, therefore, he were at this time out of health and in low spirits, his power of self-command must have been even more extraordinary than is generally supposed ; for his whole deportment, his conversation, and the expression of his countenance, indicated a frame in perfect health and a mind at ease."1 The date of this meeting was 13th August, 1817.
Page 248 - I will always follow the road of honour. I will record with my pen the deeds we have done together. I cannot embrace you all, but I embrace your general — (he pressed the general to his bosom). — Bring hither the eagle...
Page 324 - Often he remained silent for many hours, suffering, as may be supposed, much pain, and immersed in profound melancholy. About the 22d January, 1821, Napoleon appeared to resume some energy, and to make some attempt to conquer his disease by exercise. He mounted his horse, and galloped, for...
Page 319 - Is gall and wormwood to an enemy. When the whole host of hatred stood hard by, To watch and mock thee shrinking, thou hast smiled With a sedate and all-enduring eye;— When Fortune fled her spoil'd and favourite child, 350 He stood unbow'd beneath the ills upon him piled.
Page 297 - I offer myself as a sacrifice to the hatred of the enemies of France. May they prove sincere in their declarations, and have really directed them only against my power ! My political life is terminated, and I proclaim my son, under the title of Napoleon II., Emperor of the French.
Page 67 - France. Soldiers ! I have need of you ! The hideous presence of the leopard contaminates the peninsula of Spain and Portugal. In terror he must fly before you. Let us bear our triumphal eagles to the Pillars of Hercules ! there also we have injuries to avenge.
Page 46 - He, meanwhile, as soon as he was aware that Ferdinand had actually set out from Madrid, had ordered Murat to find the means of causing the old king, the queen, and Godoy to repair also to Bayonne ; nor does it appear that his lieutenant had any difficulty in persuading these personages, that in doing so, they should adopt the course of conduct most in accordance with their interests. They reached Bayonne on the 4th of May, and Napoleon, confronting the parents and the son on the 5th, witnessed a...

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