Central India Agency

Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, India, 1893

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Page 25 - Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland...
Page 260 - Her Majesty being desirous that the Governments of the several Princes and Chiefs of India, who now govern their own territories, should be perpetuated, and that the representation and dignity of their Houses should be continued...
Page 255 - Sing and his heirs and successors will act in subordinate co-operation with the British Government and acknowledge its supremacy, and will not have any connection with any other Chiefs or States.
Page 155 - Empire," a picture painted for presentation " by the People of India to Her Majesty the Queen in commemoration of the assumption by Her Majesty of the title of Empress of India;" the dimensions (it is 27 feet long and 10 feet high) are positively alarming.
Page 47 - ... and, after due representation, shall refuse to enter into amicable explanation, or shall deny the just satisfaction or indemnity which the contracting parties shall have required, then the contracting parties will proceed to concert and prosecute such further measures as the case shall appear to demand.
Page 210 - Be assured that nothing shall disturb the engagement thus made to you, so long as your House is loyal to the Crown and faithful to the conditions of the Treaties, grants or engagements which record its obligations to the British Government.
Page 38 - Company shall mediate, arbitrate, and decide according to the principles of justice between his Highness and the Maharajah, and whatever shall be thus decided, will be agreed to by both parties, and will be carried into execution.
Page 71 - Sir Henry Hardinge, GCB, one of Her Britannic Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, Governor-General, appointed by the Honourable Company to direct and control all their affairs in the East Indies, and by Maharaja Gulab Singh in person.
Page 255 - The British Government engages to protect the principality and territory of Jodhpore. ARTICLE 3 Maharajah Maun Singh and his heirs and successors will act in subordinate co-operation with the British Government and acknowledge its supremacy ; and will not have any connection with other Chiefs and States.
Page 49 - ... the Company's Government, weighing matters in the scale of truth and justice, may determine shall meet with full approbation and acquiescence.

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