Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of King's Bench: During the Time Lord Mansfield Presided in that Court; from Michaelmas Term, 30 Geo. II. 1756, to Easter Term, 12 Geo. III. 1772, Volume 1


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Page 397 - Easter, under the hand and seal of two or more justices of the peace in the same county, whereof one to be of the quorum, dwelling in or near the same parish or division where the same parish doth lie, shall be culled overseers of the poor...
Page 97 - For the encouragement of farmers to occupy, stock, and improve the land, it is necessary they should have some permanent interest. Unless the owner of the estate for life was enabled to make a permanent lease, he could not enjoy to the best advantage during his own time; and they who come after must suffer by the land being untenanted, out of repair, and in a bad condition. The plan of this power is for the mutual advantage of possessor and successor. The execution thereof is checked with many conditions...
Page 121 - Court to be holden for the purpose of the election shall be present, according to the form of the statutes in that case made and provided...
Page 310 - The insurer, in estimating the price at which he is willing to indemnify the trader against all risks, must have under his consideration the nature of the voyage to be performed, and the usual course and manner of doing it.
Page 191 - ... years, or three lives from the time as any such lease shall be made or granted, whereupon the accustomed yearly rent, or more, shall be reserved and payable yearly during the said term...
Page 359 - ... and this he is ready to verify. Wherefore, he prays judgment, and that the plaintiff be barred from having his action aforesaid against him.
Page 347 - ... the granting a new trial, or refusing it, must depend upon the legal discretion of the Court ; guided by the nature and circumstances of the particular case, and directed with a view to the attainment of justice.
Page 312 - In general, what is usually done by such a ship, with such a cargo, in such a voyage, is understood to be referred to by every policy, and to make a part of it, as much as if it were expressed.
Page 23 - This relation the statutes concerning bankrupts introduced to avoid frauds. They vest in the assignees all the property that the bankrupt had at the time of what I may call the crime committed, (for the old statutes consider him as a criminal.) They make the sale by the commissioners good against all persons who claim by, from, or under the bankrupt, after the act of bankruptcy, and against all...
Page 49 - Carteret his intended wife lawfully to be begotten ; and for default of such issue, to the use of the right heirs of the said Sir Robert the father for ever.

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