America in Imaginative German Literature in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

Columbia University Press, 1926 - 301 pages

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Page 39 - Deem our nation brutes no longer, Till some reason ye shall find Worthier of regard, and stronger Than the colour of our kind. Slaves of gold, whose sordid dealings Tarnish all your boasted powers, Prove that you have human feelings, Ere you proudly question ours ! PITY FOR POOR AFRICANS.
Page 93 - Amerika, du hast es besser Als unser Kontinent, das alte, Hast keine verfallene Schlosser Und keine Basalte. Dich stort nicht im Innern, Zu lebendiger Zeit, Unniitzes Erinnern Und vergeblicher Streit.
Page 94 - I should wonder if the United States were to let an opportunity escape of getting such work into their own hands. It may be foreseen that this young state, with its decided predilection to the West, will, in thirty or forty years, have occupied and peopled the large tract of land beyond the Rocky Mountains.
Page 37 - Lo, the poor Indian! whose untutored mind Sees God in clouds, or hears Him in the wind; His soul proud Science never taught to stray Far as the solar walk or Milky Way...
Page 92 - England, as a mark of deep interest in its high literary character, and in the successful zeal it has displayed thro' so long a course of years for the promotion of solid and elegant education.
Page 243 - Fürchtet nichts, ihr Herrn und Damen, Sehr solide ist mein Schiff; Aus Trochäen, stark wie Eichen, Sind gezimmert Kiel und Planken. Phantasie sitzt an dem Steuer, Gute Laune bläht die Segel, Schiffsjung' ist der Witz, der flinke; Ob Verstand an Bord?
Page 17 - In this magazine a wealth of information was gathered from the most trustworthy sources, such as official American documents and biographies, published in the United States. Beside news items from across the sea, we find in the first issue a comparative survey of the constitution of the various States of the Union, an economic report concerning the whole country, given by the Federal commissioner of public revenues, an official list of exports from the States, a description of a tour on foot through...
Page 243 - Doch es ängstet mich ein Land, Wo die Menschen Tabak käuen, Wo sie ohne König kegeln, Wo sie ohne Spucknapf speien.
Page 143 - ... and Tokeah believes that the hearts of white men do not beat, as do those of the red skins, they rattle because they contain only dollars.40 This love of money has caused classes to arise within the nation which are almost as well confined as are those of old Europe.
Page 282 - American history from German archives, with reference to the German soldiers in the Revolution, and Franklin's visit to Germany.

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