Life Lessons from the Garden of Eden

Virtualbookworm Publishing, 2004 - 116 pages
Has the power of temptation lessened since Adam and Eve encountered the serpent in the Garden of Eden? Has the fulfillment obtained from obeying God's guidelines become any less rewarding since man was first created? Life Lessons uniquely shows both the pitfalls of disobedience and the rich benefits of a life lived following God's lead by thoroughly examining the lives of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. When presented in Life Lessons, the story of Adam and Eve offers an opportunity to learn how the devil operates. More importantly, this revelatory book delivers the understanding that God has made it possible for His people to know spiritual and natural success even today. With eagle-eye precision, Life Lessons identifies the important, God-originated guidelines about women, marriage, work, the environment, and more topics that many have oversimplified as they retell a bare-bones tale of two people who ate a forbidden fruit. story in the Garden beautifully details the fulfillment available to God's people through a life of obedience. Through its Bible-study design and by highlighting the significances and lessons in life that exist more deeply in the unfolding of the story about Adam and Eve, Life Lessons provides a must-read study on the desire God had from the very beginning for the spiritual success of all His people.

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The Creation of Woman
Lust of the Flesh the Eyes and Pride
Betrayal and Deception
Cast Out but not Abandoned
Spiritual Maturity
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Melanie Baker has a strong desire to help others grow in Christ through a thorough knowledge of the Bible and God. She has participated in various ministries including, Sunday School Teacher, Choir Secretary, Church Council member and Vacation Bible School Assistant. Melanie Baker has extensive research skill and knowledge gained through over ten years of work experience as a Reference Librarian and Library Instructor. She also served as Library Chairperson. She has undergraduate Degrees in Psychology and Spanish from North Central College Naperville, Illinois and Master Degrees in Library Science and Latin American Studies, from the University of California at Los Angeles. She is married and has three children and one grandson.

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