Annual medical reports, by W.L. Lindsay


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Page 14 - as regards the recoveries in Asylums, which have been established during any considerable period, say 20 years, a proportion of much less than 40 per cent, of the admissions is, under ordinary circumstances, to be regarded as a low proportion, and one much exceeding 45 per cent, as a high proportion
Page 31 - the Pensions, compensations and " allowances to be made to persons in respect of their having held civil " offices in His Majesty's service.
Page 49 - made by the Standing Committee of the Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane, at its meeting in Philadelphia, May 21st,
Page 24 - the kidneys are remarkably free from disease in all the forms of insanity ; and the changes which give rise to albuminous urine are especially rare in them. In the whole course of our practice we have never met with an instance of decided Bright's disease among the insane
Page 41 - that there should be a constant and ample supply of good water, of which a careful analysis should be made, with a view to determine the proper materials for pipes and reservoirs, and also in order to ascertain its fitness for the purposes of drinking and washing;
Page 44 - is often diseased, and then produces causeless dread of evil, despondency, and often suicide. In the heads of Suicides the organ is usually large, and Hope deficient, Destructiveness also being of course [?] large. The effect of fear, or sudden and violent excitement of Cautiousness, in producing mental derangement and all sorts of nervous disease, is well known. Practical jokes, harmlessly intended to
Page 47 - give the tendency to religion: their abuses produce superstition and belief in false miracles, in prodigies, magic, ghosts, and all supernatural absurdities.
Page 24 - have never met with an instance of decided Bright's disease among the insane ; and upon inquiry in other Asylums, we have found that the
Page 18 - the system in this way than is commonly suspected; indeed, so many well-ascertained cases of leadpoisoning, arising from the use of water contaminated with it, have occurred, that I am of opinion that the use of lead for the storage and conveyance of water ought to be entirely discarded, especially in the cases of small towns and single houses.
Page 12 - To amend an Act of the last Session for the Regulation of the Care and Treatment of Lunatics,

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