Speeches & Documents on Indian Policy, 1750-1921: India as a British dependency 1858-1914

Arthur Berriedale Keith
H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1922

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Page 131 - ... should be based upon a full recognition of the Dominions as autonomous nations of an Imperial Commonwealth, and of India as an important portion of the same, should recognise the right of the Dominions and India to an adequate voice in foreign policy and in foreign relations...
Page 131 - Majesty's Government, with which the Government of India are in complete accord, is that of the increasing association of Indians in every branch of the administration, and the gradual development of self-governing institutions, with a view to the progressive realization of responsible government in India as an integral part of the British Empire. They have decided that substantial steps in this direction should be taken as soon as possible...
Page 362 - IN THE FOLLOWING LIST the books are classified as below : Anthologies Letters Autobiography Literary Criticism Biography Philosophy and Science Classics-Greek and Roman Poetry Drama Politics, Political Theory, Essays and Belles Lettres and Political Economy Fiction (Short Stories are Religion grouped separately) Short Stories History Travel and Topography AN INDEX OF AUTHORS is given at the end of the list. THE WORLD'S CLASSICS...
Page 100 - ... shall be laid before each House of Parliament for a period of not less than thirty days during the Session of Parliament, and if either of those Houses before the expiration of those thirty days presents an Address to His Majesty against the draft, or any part thereof, no further proceedings shall be taken thereon without prejudice to the making of any new draft scheme.
Page 278 - Indian peoples, must be judges of the time and measure of each advance, and they must be guided by the co-operation received from those upon whom new opportunities of service will thus be conferred and by the extent to which it is found that confidence can be reposed in their sense of responsibility.
Page 32 - Company, or any Part of the unwritten Laws or Constitution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland whereon may depend in any Degree the Allegiance of any Person to the Crown of the United Kingdom, or the Sovereignty or Dominion of the said Crown over any Part of the said Territories.
Page 123 - Their strength shall be not less than 125 members in the major provinces and from 50 to 75 in the minor provinces. 3. The members of Councils should be elected directly by the people on as broad a franchise as possible.
Page 281 - Act, shall be made without the concurrence of a majority of votes at a meeting of the Council of India : Provided that a grant or appropriation made in accordance with provisions or restrictions prescribed by the Secretary of State in Council with the concurrence of a majority of votes at a meeting of the Council shall be deemed to be made with the concurrence of a majority of such votes.
Page 156 - The Government of India must remain wholly responsible to Parliament, and, saving such responsibility, its authority in essential matters must remain indisputable, pending experience of the effect of the changes now to be introduced in the provinces. In the meantime the Indian Legislative Council should be enlarged and made more representative and it* opportunities of influencing Government increased
Page 128 - The Imperial Legislative Council shall have no power to interfere with the Government of India's direction of the military affairs and the foreign and political relations of India, including the declaration of war, the making of peace, and the entering into treaties.

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