Royalty in All Ages: The Amusements, Eccentricities, Accomplishments, Superstitions, and Frolics of the Kings and Queens of Europe

Nimmo, 1903 - 443 pages

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Page 368 - Unthinking, idle, wild, and young, I laughed, and danced, and talked, and sung: And, proud of health, of freedom vain. Dreamed not of sorrow, care, or pain; Concluding, in those hours of glee, That all the world was made for me.
Page 366 - My loyal subjects, who in this bad season Attend me (by the law of God and reason), They dare impeach, and punish for high treason.
Page 250 - While thus Florinda spake, the dog who lay Before Rusilla's feet, eyeing him long And wistfully, had recognised at length, Changed as he was and in those sordid weeds, His royal master. And he rose and licked His withered hand, and earnestly looked up With eyes whose human meaning did not need The aid of speech ; and moaned, as if at once To court and chide the long-withheld caress.
Page 338 - to use, exercise, and occupy the art and faculty of playing comedies, tragedies, interludes, stageplays, and such other like as they have already used and studied, or hereafter shall use and study, as well for the recreation of our loving subjects, as for our solace and pleasure, when we shall think good to see them.
Page 209 - Next for the glory of the place, Here has been rode many a race. King Charles the Second I saw here; But I've forgotten in what year. The Duke of Monmouth here also Made his horse to sweat and blow,
Page 104 - Bransles, then to a Corant, and now and then a French dance ; but that so rare that the Corants grew tiresome, that I wished it done. Only Mrs. Stewart danced mighty finely, and many French dances, specially one the King called the New Dance...
Page 421 - O Pallas, thou hast failed thy plighted word, To fight with caution, not to tempt the sword. I warned thee, but in vain, for well I knew What perils youthful ardour would pursue ; That boiling blood would carry thee too far ; Young as thou wert in dangers, raw to war. O curst essay of arms, disastrous doom, Prelude of bloody fields and fights to come.
Page 366 - I pass all my hours in a shady old grove, But I live not the day when I see not my love ; I survey every walk now my Phillis is gone, And sigh when I think we were there all alone ; O then, 'tis O then, that I think there's no hell Like loving, like loving too well.
Page 332 - It is, this day, (March 11, 1637,) ordered by his Majesty, with the advice of the board, that Archibald Armstrong, the King's Fool, for certain scandalous words, of a high nature, spoken by him against the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, his Grace, and proved to be uttered by him by two witnesses, shall have his coat pulled over his head, and be discharged the king's service, and banished the court ; for which the Lord Chamberlain of the King's household is prayed and required to give order to be...
Page 43 - We had women, and indeed wine too, of such plenty, as would have astonished each beholder. Our feasts were magnificent, and the two royal guests did most lovingly embrace each other at table.

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