Demonic Power: Satan's #1 Weapon!!!

iUniverse, 1 avr. 2004 - 260 pages
Author Rayford Strickland has over 19 years experience in ministry and guiding people through the process of finding success, prosperity, healing and true deliverance. In clear and easy language, Rev. Strickland points out answers from the Word of God as well as life experiences to those that are searching for success in every area of life! Demonic Power covers a diverse field of topics including:

The Power of God and how to activate it The difference between the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost How to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost Demonic Possession The Demon Seed How to cast out demons The Angel of the Lord False Religions Spiritual Warfare Satan's Greatest Success Stories What is this Power of God
the truth about Ghosts and Aliens

YOU will learn what "DEMONIC POWER" is and how to remove its power from your family, yourself and others. YOU will learn how to receive God's blessing and anointing and how to use His POWER to achieve what you desire in your life.

Satan is on the move-with all the evil acts that are happening all over the world-September 11, (911) 2001, students killing students in schools all over America, radical Muslims committing suicide bombings and killing hundreds, false religions, confusion in the church, priests committing abominable acts against young children in the Catholic Church and much more.

God is giving us HIS ANSWERS directly from His Holy Word in this powerful history-making book!

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À propos de l'auteur (2004)

Rayford Strickland is the Pastor and Founder of The Christian World Church International -, a member of World Changers Church International, Pastor Creflo Dollar - over 19 years, and lives with his wife Sandra in, Alpharetta, Georgia. They have two sons, Ron and Rafael.

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