The Virginia Historical Register, and Literary Advertiser, Volumes 1 à 2

William Maxwell

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Page 200 - A lily of a day Is fairer far in May Although it fall and die that night; It was the plant and flower of light. In small proportions we just beauties see; And in short measures, life may perfect be.
Page 34 - Hull, Prepared from his Manuscripts, by his daughter, Mrs. Maria Campbell; together with the History of the Campaign of 1812, and Surrender of the Post of Detroit; by his Grandson, James Freeman Clarke.
Page 221 - Fear and trembling Hope, Silence and Foresight; Death the Skeleton And Time the Shadow ; — there to celebrate, As in a natural temple scattered o'er With altars undisturbed of mossy stone, United worship ; or in mute repose To lie, and listen to the mountain flood Murmuring from Glaramara's inmost caves.
Page 16 - Point of Cape Comfort, all along the Sea Coast, to the Southward two hundred Miles, and all that Space and Circuit of Land, lying from the Sea Coast of the Precinct aforesaid, up into the Land, throughout from Sea to Sea, West, and Northwest...
Page 90 - WOULDST thou from sorrow find a sweet relief? Or is thy heart oppressed with woes untold ! Balm wouldst thou gather for corroding grief? Pour blessings round thee like a shower of gold. — 'Tis when the rose is wrapt in many a fold Close to its heart, the worm is wasting there Its life and beauty; not when, all unrolled, Leaf after leaf, its bosom, rich and fair, Breathes freely its perfumes throughout the ambient air...
Page 16 - Comfort, all along the sea coast to the southward two hundred miles ; and all that space and circuit of land lying from the sea coast of the precinct aforesaid, up into the land throughout, from sea to sea, west and north-west...
Page 19 - How that he did divide from Pagans three Their Heads and Lives, Types of his Chivalry. For which great Service in that Climate done, Brave Sigismundus, King of Hungarion, Did give him as a Coat of Armes to wear, These Conquered Heads got by his Sword and Spear.
Page 180 - ... with a dissemination great as the unfoldings' of the air's looser garment, or the wilder fringes of the fire, without knots, or order, or combination; but God gathered the beams in his hand, and united them into a globe of fire, and all the light of the world became the body of the sun...
Page 113 - ... a peculiar people, marked and chosen by the finger of God, to possess it, for undoubtedly he is with us.
Page 18 - Three years, but we have reached it in ten months. This is the day wherein, to all my friends, I will pronounce the happy word, BE RICH ; THIS DAY YOU SHALL BE SPECTATISSIMI.

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