Social Networking Communities and E-Dating Services: Concepts and Implications: Concepts and Implications

Romm Livermore, Celia, Setzekorn, Kristina
IGI Global, 31 août 2008 - 424 pages
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E-dating is now among the largest global e-commerce sectors, allowing for interaction that was once not possible. Despite its dominance in the e-commerce market and society, it is almost completely absent from the information systems research literature.

Social Networking Communities and E-Dating Services: Concepts and Implications rectifies the absence of e-dating literature in the academic community by incorporating research from around the world, addressing the many aspects of e-dating and establishing it as a new research discipline. This unique collection of high quality international articles contributes toward the legitimization of e-dating as an area of research in e-commerce.


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Table des matières

Individual Differences in Social Networking Site Adoption
Unraveling the Taste Fabric of Social Networks
Mobile Social Networks A New Locus of Innovation
Increasing Capital Revenue in Social Networking Communities Building Social and Economic Relationships through Avatars and Characters
Collective Solitude and Social Networks in World of Warcraft
Collaboration Challenges in Community Telecommunication Networks
The Impact of the Internet on Political Activism Evidence from Europe
Toward Improved CommunitySupporting Systems Design A Study of Professional Community Activity
Virtuality and Reality What Happens When the Two Collide?
EDating Services
Segmentation Practices of eDating
Understanding and Facilitating the Development of Social Networks in Online Dating Communities A Case Study and Model
EDating The Five Phases on Online Dating
How EDaters Behave Online Theory And Empirical Observations
A Trination Analysis of Social Exchange Relationships in EDating
Online Matrimonial Sites and the Transformation of Arranged Marriage in India

Teens and Social Networking Services An Overview
Social Networking Sites for Teenagers and Young Adults
Student Use of Social Media University Policy and Response
Facebook Follies Who Suffers the Most?
Trust in Social Networking Definitions from a Global Cultural Viewpoint
Compilation of References
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Dr. Celia Romm Livermore is Professor at Wayne State University and the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP). She published seven books: Virtual Politicking (1999), Electronic Commerce: A Global Perspective (1998), Doing Business on the Internet (1999), Self-Service on the Internet (2008), Social Networking Communities and eDating Services (2008), Gender and Social Computing: Interactions, Differences and Relationships (2011), and E-Politics and Organizational Implications of the Internet: Power, Influence and Social Change (2012), and over 200 journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers. Her research was published in The Harvard Business Review, Communications of the ACM, Information & Management, Transactions on Information Systems and other journals.

Kristina S. Setzekorn is a Financial Advisor with Smith Barney, Inc. in Evansville, IN. She earned her Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, where she majored in MIS and minored in Operations Management. Her MBA is from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and B.S. from Iowa State University. In her previous academic career, Dr. Setzekorn taught MIS, Global IT Strategy, Telecommunications, Microeconomics and Operations. Her research dealt with performance impacts of information and coordination, at individual, organizational and supply chain levels. [Editor]

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