The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, Volumes 7 à 8

Royal Numismatic Society., 1867

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Page 266 - Media, who possessed the tract of which we are speaking, being engaged with each other, those who were entrusted with the government of it occasioned first the revolt of Bactriana; then Euthydemus and his party the revolt of all the country near that province. Afterwards Arsakes, a Scythian, invaded Parthia, and made himself master of it.
Page 192 - I was quite right in my original conclusion that all the mint monograms which are common to a number of different princes can only be the names of cities, and cannot possibly be the names either of magistrates or of mint-masters, or of any other functionaries.
Page 81 - Irelande, in all his armories and devyses, he lefte the beryng of the armes of Englande, as the lybardes and flour delyces quarterly, and bare the armes of this saynt Edwarde...
Page 169 - ... the king always receiving it for a whole noble of six shillings and eightpence. And if the noble so paid be better than five shillings and eightpence, the king to pay again the surplusage that it was better than five shillings and eightpence. Also this year was such scarcity of white money, that though a noble were so good of gold and weight as six shillings and eightpence, men might get no white money for them.
Page 157 - Enseri, the capital city of the country of Bazatsera, and he occupied the city of Anseri, and the thirty-six other towns of the country of Bazatsera ; he continued his march to the land of Armenia, and he gave over to pillage fifty cities belonging to that territory. He afterwards proceeded to Ladsan, and received the tribute of Hubu of Ladsan, and of the districts of Minni, of Bariana, of Kharran, of Sharrum, of Andi, (and another district of which the name is lost), sheep, oxen, and horses, male...
Page 157 - I went up to Khamana, where I founded more palaces and temples ; until at length I returned to my country of Assyria. " In the twenty-seventh year, I assembled the captains of my army, and I sent Detarasar of Ittana, the general of the forces, in command of my warriors to Armenia ; he proceeded to the land of Khamana, and in the plains belonging to the city of Ambaret, he crossed the river Artseni.
Page 262 - Nikator, during the first Punic war, when L. Manlius Vulso and M. Atilius Regulus were...
Page 20 - when he was prince, whereby he recovered his father's favour, being then dressed in a suit full of eylet-holes : from that time may likewise be dated his extraordinary change of manners, which proved so much to the honour of himself and the kingdom, and therefore not an improper distinction of the money of this prince from the others of the same name.
Page 329 - Pallas, in abstruso pignus memorabile templo, 995 gentis luleae vestris clarissimus aris dat pia tura nepos, et vos in sede priori rite vocat: date felices in cetera cursus, restituam populos; grata vice moenia reddent Ausonidae Phrygibus, Romanaque Pergama surgent.

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