Sessional Papers, Volume 77


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Page 3 - ... and not with respect to the lights which a ship passes or from which it derives benefit, and the dues so levied shall take the place of the dues now levied by those authorities.
Page 4 - On the near approach of or to other vessels they shall have their side lights lighted, ready for use, and shall flash or show them at short intervals, to indicate the direction in which they are heading, but the green light shall not be shown on the port side, nor the red light on the starboard side.
Page 5 - Trade directs, to be recorded, and shall, if desired so to do by any seaman, give to him or indorse on his certificate of discharge a copy of so much of such report as concerns him...
Page 3 - Houses before the expiration of those thirty days presents an Address to His Majesty against the draft, or any part thereof, no further proceedings shall be taken thereon without prejudice to the making of any new draft scheme.
Page 5 - ... the Rules Publication Act, 1893, from the dates of the said Orders in Council, respectively: And whereas the provisions of section 1 of the rules publication act, 1893, were duly complied with in respect of the said rules and amended rules, and the same were finally made by the orders of His Majesty in Council, dated, respectively, the 17th day of September, 1914, the 28th day of November, 1914, and the 3d day of February, 1915.
Page 13 - Now therefore, Her Majesty, by virtue of the powers vested in Her by the said « Foreign Deserters
Page 4 - ... where a ship loads or discharges cargo or passengers or mails. (7) The annual payments shall be payable at the commencement of the year in respect of which they are made, provided that a new vessel shall pay only one penny per ton for each month after the commencement of her first voyage till the 1st of April following.

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